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“Omaha doesn’t have anything like this. Omaha needs Intramurals because it’s something that allows adults to socialize and network while at the same time gets them more active. Not only does Omaha need this, but it will certainly help support the local economy in the areas we service.”

Lindsay Fulton


After having spent time in Chicago experiencing some of the windy cities intramurals, founder Lindsay Fulton knew Omaha had to have them. Omaha has a handful of activities during the week for children but hardly any for adults and so the story of C3 Club Intramurals began in 2015 with the idea to create more adult-only activities during the weekdays centered around getting social and meeting new people.


C3 Club Intramural’s philosophy supports mental health, independence, and self discovery for adults of all walks of life by providing a carefree atmosphere for socialization and fun. This in turn, at the same time, could help anyone secretly battling depression and/or post partum baby blues.

Who We Are

Adult Social Co-ed Intramurals are for adults ages 21 all the way up to 60 years of age and are always about half women and half men so as to make it more fair and certainly more fun! Our intramurals give adults the opportunity to make new friendships, often lifelong, when it’s otherwise tough to after those college years and adult life changes. Additionally, we see networking as a huge opportunity after all games while mingling at the many sponsors as a bonus for all those career-driven peeps. Playing in several parks throughout the Omaha metro and on various days of the week allows even the people with the busiest of schedules to join.

Our main focus is Kickball –we even have Omaha’s very own “Comet Kickball” for late night games which includes loud jams and glow-in-the-dark games. Additionally, we also offer other social intramurals such as the famous 16″ Chicago Style Softball (slow pitch) and Indoor Dodgeball for the Winter months with plans to add more one-time-events, an ongoing non-profit partner and international intramurals.

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