10 Benefits of Having an Intramurals Team Made Up of all Co-Workers

And Why Some Companies Do It & Others Don’t

There are many teams; some family members, others college buddies, friends of friends, singles meeting other singles or even online Meetup and Discussion Groups flexing their legs for some activity.

The underrated and often over looked one, however is the team made up of all co-workers. Often times, co-workers have a blast together while at work, but when the day is done, they have tunnel vision thinking of getting to their weekly routine at home. You can’t blame them, family is very important and should be the top priority, but what about your family away from family? What about your interests and social needs? Often times, successful hard workers put their families first all the time so much so, at the detriment of their own self discovery and social life. Or maybe they are sick of being with that certain somebody/ies at work and don’t think about what that relationship could be outside of the ‘work environment.’

An article from the Startup Frontier based out of Washington D.C. stated on the subject, “win or loose, it’s about building personal connections as you go,” and that “staying social is one of the best ways to be successful.” When we build connections on our team, we are building connection with other parts of the business and within the city, which in turn can help you make clients, better spread your reputation and create the building blocks for partnerships.

According to an article by Talent Culture, “running an intramural program for your office could be essential for the health and well being of employees, while also creating camaraderie and improving morale.” This is due to a handful of reasons: lack of physical activity which can cause heart disease and obesity, as well as people who tend to not exercise regularly are often less alert, eat poorly, and are less productive in the workplace.” Being on a team made up of co-workers has so many benefits that ten certainly isn’t enough to cover all of them, but it certainly will cover the most important ones.

  1. You get to see another ‘side’ of your co-workers and could even end up discussing taboo and/or overlooked subjects
  2. Practicing teamwork on the field helps to better communication on the job
  3. Practicing teamwork on the field equals easier to have a group thinking mentality of teamwork with co-workers
  4. You can start new relationships with some co-workers you may not know as well or get a chance to see during the day because you’re in different departments
  5. You can be ‘the bridge’ that connects certain departments and/or people
  6. In a relaxed environment such as the sponsors, you can make a better judgement of character on someone who you may have misjudged or who has recently received bad press/representation. Or in other cases, you can find out the ‘dirt’/latest gossip headlines and be the first to know.
  7. You can better network and position yourself in the company by learning more about everyone’s roles, job duties, relationships within the framework of your business, etc
  8. You can be one of the first to find out about any job openings within the company
  9. You can easily get answers to work issues and/or problems that maybe you’ve needed help with but hadn’t received just yet
  10. Last, but not least, you can better your reputation by showing your true colors and what being on an intramurals team is all about.

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