Why Getting to Know Many of the Other Team’s Players ‘Literally’ Pays

& Why Networking During Intramurals
Is a Little Known Secret!

Why do you think so many successful, good looking, and sporting personalities join intramural leagues? Easy, they want to meet more people and be well connected. Sure, many just do it for the drinks afterwards at the sponsors. But despite the fact that most of us have family obligations, appointments, and other life commitments, we should make time, even if once a week, for networking; even when we’re not feeling like socializing (for whatever the reason(s)). There are so many benefits to networking for your career. According to an article by Top Resume, “when it’s done well, networking will not only help you land a job faster, but it will give you a competitive edge throughout every stage of your career.”

So, what does good networking look like today? Networking isn’t about short term information exchange, rather, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with the people you meet–which could be anywhere.

And since intramurals are some of the easiest ways to make lifelong friendships, why shouldn’t you network with the other team’s and increase your chances for career success? Intramurals help connect us to new friendships when we’ve otherwise lost some, whether it be from a job relocation, a move to be closer to family, or simply drifting apart, you will have many opportunities to make some of the best friendships you’ll ever have. Some people have even met their spouses! It should go without saying that you can literally be networking during intramural leagues and not even realize it since you are seeing these people on a consistent basis, you are in essence building a long-term relationship that will continue for years to come.

When the time comes to search for work, you can tap into your connections for referrals or insights into the job. One way to make the most out of networking during intramurals is to think about what you’re most passionate about and once you find someone who also is, really hone in on this relationship. You don’t need to necessarily know what you want from this networking opportunity, however, it is recommended you have a goal in mind. For example, one goal could be meeting two people in your same industry. Some easy places to strike up a conversation could include while you’re waiting at the bar for a drink, or the long line to the ladies bathroom, maybe during a drinking game or game of bags, or even simply walking up with a friend or two to another teams table and sitting down. Being ‘in the networking zone’ is definitely a plus because you’re thinking longterm success.

Even if some relationships turn into the dreaded one-sided-relationship, where you find yourself giving way more than you’re getting in return, that’s okay, as some people just don’t understand the concept of being a good friend nor do they understand the real benefits of networking. On a consistent and weekly basis, you will have so many opportunities to network with the other teams players as well as your teams, that you will no doubt be successful. C3 leagues, for example, on any given day, will have anywhere from twenty four players to about fifty at the sponsor after all games.

Not all adult intramural leagues offer the ability to mix and mingle after games, so make sure you find out ahead time before you invest your time and money. You have the world at your fingertips, in a small but sure way because you have all of the teams from that particular day hanging out at the same place. Networking, my friends, does not have to be limited to the outgoing types or the seasoned veterans either. For all of you shy types or nervous Nancies and Neds, striking up a conversation with a complete stranger shouldn’t be worrisome considering the fact that you’re in a loud and laid back environment. Bonus points, because you can easily order some liquid courage a head of time to settle any last minute nerves.

One easy way to start mingling with another player is while you’re waiting at the bar to make an order. Another way, and especially for the ladies, is certainly the bathroom line.

We even found a quick quiz from TopResume.com/ that helps you better fit your personality with various networking strategies, “What Type of Networking Fits Your Personality Best Quiz” that you might want to try. Even though you may not know initially what you plan to get out of networking, you should start with a goal each time. Also, finding people on social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook also helps to remember names and personalities if you should be a “power networker.” Also noted, connecting on social media networks also helps you see what mutual friends, if any, you may have, as well as more of their personality.

Everyone has a different way of meeting people, but the point is to not limit yourself to just your team and to keep your heart and your head open to meeting any and everyone, especially one(s) with a shared interest, because you never know who may be well connected within your industry, could be a referral, could tell you of a new job, have you sub on their team (free), give you extra tickets to a concert, and the list goes on. The opportunities from building lasting relationships, whether it be for your career or your personal life, will workout as a win-win.

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