The Movie Dodgeball Couldn’t Make Better Teams Than Teams Made Up of Complete Strangers

We’ve all seen the blockbuster hit Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story starring Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn and agree it has certainly inspired us to get our a-game together and start playing dodgeball once again like back in the day, same goes for kickball. Only, now, it’s your real life and not theirs. Despite their team being made up of chronic losers, weirdos and let’s face it, basically a bunch of dorks who know nothing for sports competition. They play a mean game and end up winning the tournament. Perhaps that is one of the many reasons it makes it so funny. Lately, adult social league intramurals consist of teams made up of friends of friends, or of group meetups and the likes where most, if not all of the members, know one another.

But what if your team is made up of all strangers who signed up individually, in the hopes of making a few besties, if not, some arch nemesis from the rival teams. In this instance, let’s hope for the best and that there’s only love to spread on all teams. This team would surely be a mess up right? Or maybe that’s what most people expect because it’s quite frankly hard to predict. But what if those very individuals were the types of people who were outgoing, self starters, and maybe had a few athletic people in the mix? That, my friends, is a real power storm. These are the types of people that embrace change and live for new connections. That being said, they will be much more flexible as a team, delegate positions better, and generally, just work together better. Even if there’s just one person on the team that’s competitive, it is in the best interest of the team to work together and not leave anyone out. Not to mention, the after parties at the sponsor bars will be full of conversation since they all have to get to know one another. Some leagues even have theme weeks, and for these weeks, this team almost always dominates in terms of participation and certainly the execution. Even if this team isn’t the winning team of any brackets in your league, this will surely be the team everyone wants to be on because they have so much fun both on and off the fields. I know some captains who will bring boom boxes to every game and even go as far as wacky hats/necklaces, etc for the players weekly. Surely, the other teams will be jealous if not bummed that their team isn’t as upbeat and fun. And since this team really doesn’t care if they win or loose, their primary objective is working together well, ironically, they often win tournaments where they get to spend even more time together in pure bliss while they drink the night away. Why wouldn’t you want to be on this type of team? Even the most out of shape and/or poor athlete will look good while on such a supportive team. I highly recommend taking the chance and joining as an individual to a sports intramural of your choice and allowing yourself to be open to the possibilities of many friends and amazing memories.

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